Are you looking for a carbon black processing plant for sale? Are you ready to create a human-friendly environment? Are you looking for features and benefits of using a carbon black processing plant for pyrolysis? Well, you are at the right place. To begin with, there are many factors and qualities to look out for when looking for a carbon black processing plant for sale.

carbon black processing plant
carbon black processing plant

What exactly is carbon black?

It’s important to know what carbon black really is before looking for a good carbon black production plant for sale. Carbon black is a type of amorphous carbon that comes in powder form (usually fine, light and soft). It’s formed when an organism or carbon containing material has decomposed or burnt at high temperatures in absence of oxygen.

carbon black production plant
carbon black production plant

Carbon black is usually used as a reinforcing agent and filler of rubber (this accounts for 94% of its applications). The other 6% is applied to tyre manufacturing. Carbon black is also used to make stains of paints, inks, plastics, polishing pastes and more. Therefore, a carbon black processing plant is an environmentally friendly equipment which extracts carbon black from tyre pyrolysis.

carbon black plant
carbon black plant

Properties and benefits of a carbon black processing plant.Usually, the end product of a unit for pyrolysis plastic or tire is coarse carbon which is about 50-60 mesh. However, if you want to process the coarse carbon into 325 mesh or more, you need a carbon black processing machine. This implies that an ideal carbon black processing plant for sale should be able to reach a N grade carbon quality.

The final products from this plant should be close to N330 which can be used in rubber and basic plastic industry as fortifier, colorant and filter to make rubber seals, rubber belts and more. In addition, carbon black processing plants are ideal for producing minerals powder which are used for metallurgy, chemical, mining and construction processes.

Features of a carbon black processing plant

Looking for a good carbon black processing plant for sale is not that easy. To make things easier for you, here are some features of this machine:

· Has a cooling system which makes it suitable for processing fibrous and heat-sensitive material.

· Doesn’t produce waste gas or waste water during the carbon black production process. Some machines used advanced technology from Germany and remolds.

· Should have a vertical shaft reflective crusher which acts as a grading device in the crushing chamber. Any crushed material will be collected via airflow by the grading device which can replace the crushing sieve. This conducts two important processes simultaneously; fine grinding and micro-powder separation.

· There’s no need to stop the plant when adjusting the granularity of the end product. In addition, there is no pollution as the fine powder will be collected completely.

Currently, there are three main models of carbon black processing machines; BMF-10, BMF-20 and BMF-30. Here are some advantages of this machine:

· Easy to adjust the final mesh size (0.613-0.0033 mm)· Very stable during operation and has a splendid grinding device design.

· Good sealing properties.

· Has a high pressure spring device which improves the ground pressure.


Ensure that you buy your carbon black processing plant from trusted suppliers. You should also go for a plant which offers long service with minimal maintenance.