A hoist is one of the more innovative apparatuses that has been made in the last 100 years. It makes it possible for people to lift enormous weights, using the power of its pulley system, and also the electric or hydraulic motors that power these devices. These are typically attached to either an overhead beam, or they can be part of a gantry crane system. They are designed to make it easier for people to lift both large and small objects, going all the way down to a single ton. Let’s look at how a 1 ton electric hoist will be able to help most anyone, especially those that are working in a factory or garage.

What The Hoist Is Able To Do

When you are working with a 1 ton electric hoist, these are very easy to set up. They can be easily attached to a beam that is directly overhead of the equipment that you are working on, or you can attach this to an overhead portable gantry that you can move to any location. They come in a couple different types which include a wire rope or chain hoist. Different power systems can be used. There are electric motors which are the most popular, and it is possible to lift as much as 32 tons with many of these newer units.

How High Can You Place This Hoist?

If you are going to the lifting objects off of the ground, you can position this hoist from anywhere between 6 and 48 m up, and it will lift at a maximum speed of 8 m/m. They are actually very fast, and because of this can improve productivity at your facility. This is true even if you are only moving and engine that needs to be repaired. There are those that use a standard chain system and they are constructed with a steel shell that will protect the hoist motor from any type of dust or debris. Even if you are up high, it is still a good idea to have this type of protection to extend the life of the motor that the hoist is going to use.

How Much Do They Cost?

Due to their low lifting capacity, and electric 1 ton hoist will cost just a couple hundred dollars. It depends on the manufacturer that you get this from, and it’s total capacity for lifting as you may actually get one that does much more than 2000 pounds. Shipping will be very minimal due to their size. It is also possible that you may find local distributors for some of these products. The time that you take to research their capabilities, the manufacturer, and the prices that they are sold that will ultimately lead you to the best one for your business or specific project.

Whether you own a business, or you need this one ton electric hoist for a personal project, you will clearly see how valuable they are just by using it a single time. The amount of effort that it will save you, as well as the time, is what makes this a valuable asset that you will have at your disposal for a minimal cost.