When a crane is used at a job site, it is typically there to position items that need to be lifted to higher levels. It can also be used for loading trucks or ships, as well as unloading things that have come in, making this a very important component of large industrial or commercial jobsites. It is comprised of sheaves, chains, ropes, and a hoist that all works together to do what it is capable of doing. Sometimes, however, the crane does not need to lift that much weight and that is where a 1 ton jib crane is often brought into use. Some people would prefer using an alternative to a jib crane if possible, and here are a few alternatives to using a crane that is this small.

1 ton jib crane

What Is An Alternative To A Jib Crane?

Since a jib crane consists of a pivoting vertical column, one that is attached to a horizontal supporting boom, you would need to use something else that could provide the lifting capability, as well as the ability to rotate and position items. So whether you are using a freestanding jib crane that can actually spin 360?around, or a mast type jib crane that doesn’t have a large mounting foundation, you would have to use something comparable. An alternative that may work would be a wheelmounted crane which could be very useful if you need to transition different components to other areas of your facility. It has what is called a telescoping boom which can work just as well as a jib crane in many cases. The latticework is going to be very similar on the boom itself, and in most cases it will be hydraulically powered. The truck itself will provide the stability that in outrigger typically would, making this a viable replacement option.

jib crane for one ton

Why Would You Want To Use Something Different?

The main reason that someone would prefer using a wheelmounted crane opposed to a regular jib crane is that they may have jobs at different locations. It would be very difficult to load the entire crane up onto a flatbed truck for every small job, or to simply move it to a different portion of your job site, when you could simply drive a commercial mounted crane to that destination. The telescopic boom makes all the difference in the world because it will replace what the jib portion of the crane is able to do. This makes everything much more convenient, and can save a considerable amount of time, as you are going from one place to the other.

The ability to switch from a jib crane to a wheelmounted crane with a telescopic boom will change the way that you are able to do your business. Because you are only lifting 1 ton, or 2000 pounds, with the crane to begin with, switching over to a wheelmounted crane is not going to compromise your ability to lift different things at your job site. Best of all, the wheelmounted cranes tend to be much less costly, and therefore your investment into this particular crane will save you thousands of dollars.Want this crane? Get onĀ http://ellsenjibcrane.com/1-ton-jib-crane/.